So you want to (ab)use the DNS for your usecase?

Here are some do’s and dont’s. For those inclined here is some background documentation on this subject:

Do not

  • Invent your own new TLDs. If you must, use something like .local, or .home, or use a domain that you actually own;
  • Use the TXT RR to cram it with your stuff (like the SPF guys did);
  • Store large data blobs in the DNS;
  • Use a new DNS class.


  • Reuse existing RR types, there are some weird ones out there that might suite your use case, like NAPTR, or the well supported SRV record.
  • Register a new RR type if you think you’ll need one. Fill out the template detailing the new RR.
  • Store small data blobs in the DNS. Let them point to services where you can retrieve the data you’ll need.