Do's and dont's for (ab)using the DNS

October 12, 2013


So you want to (ab)use the DNS for your usecase?

Here are some do’s and dont’s. For those inclined here is some background documentation on this subject:

Do not

  • Invent your own new TLDs. If you must, use something like .local, or .home, or use a domain that you actually own;
  • Use the TXT RR to cram it with your stuff (like the SPF guys did);
  • Store large data blobs in the DNS;
  • Use a new DNS class.


  • Reuse existing RR types, there are some weird ones out there that might suite your use case, like NAPTR, or the well supported SRV record.
  • Register a new RR type if you think you’ll need one. Fill out the template detailing the new RR.
  • Store small data blobs in the DNS. Let them point to services where you can retrieve the data you’ll need.