Last week, the Dutch public broadcaster (NOS) decided to “fix” their online teletext offering, there breaking [an old script I had laying around](/2008/july/15/teletext_nl_script/index.htm l). Their new web interface (displaying gifs) can be found here.

After @bdekruijff discovered their newly, hidden text feed, I decided to adapt the old script to this new situation. Thanks to this page I was able to (partially) reconstruct the feed. Most escape sequences are working, I’m still fiddling with finding Unicode chars for the “Contiguous Graphics Set”.

The code can be found at github and is written in Perl. Or download a local version.

Usage is the same: tt 101 lists a page. It works best on a dark background. If you want to fix that, be my guest.

SCREENSHOT! (aka the ACID test page 702):