Super-short guide to getting q

January 23, 2012


Get the latest version (called weekly) of Go:

  1. Get Go: hg clone -u release go Note the directory you have downloaded it to and set $GOROOT to it: export GOROOT=$PWD/go. Add the GOROOT bin directory to your path: PATH=$PATH:$GOROOT/bin

  2. Update Go to the latest weekly: cd $GOROOT; hg pull; hg update weekly

  3. Compile Go: cd $GOROOT/src ; ./all.bash

    Install missing commands (gcc, sed, bison, etc.) if needed.

The latest Go is now installed.

Install GoDNS

  1. Get GoDNS: cd ~; git clone git://
  2. Compile it: cd godns; make ; make install
  3. Compile the examples; cd examples; make ; make install
  4. Query with q: q mx
  5. Report bugs