Who am I

Aug 11, 2019

I’m a (ex-) Google trained SRE. Familiar with operating and building large and distributed applications (Borg in Google, Kubernetes in (GKE) and outside Google). This includes traffic management, observability and automation.

As a long time Linux (Debian) user (kernel version 1.2, March 1995) I’m fluent in shell, system management and various computer languages. Most of my current projects are written in Go.

I have expert knowledge of the Domain Name System and created various software projects and Internet RFCs: RFC 7719, RFC 6781.

The following projects are created by me:

  • An advanced DNS package.
  • CoreDNS a flexible and fast DNS server written in Go.
  • A PKCS11 interface for Go.
  • ldns a C library to easily interface with the DNS.

See my GitHub page for various other packages, half backed ideas.

In other interests, I’ve created a markdown dialect called mmark, which can be used to write books and Internet Drafts. I’ve documented the use of Markdown for the IETF in this RFC 7328 (a slightly different dialect, because Markdown).


This website is a personal blog where I post articles on topics that interest me. It is managed by Hugo. The DNS is served by CoreDNS, which is managing the DNSSEC signing of miek.nl.