Tweets of July 31 2022

July 31, 2022


...dig... “QUERY” in msg header, “QUESTION SECTION” in body. Other sections don’t do this.

annoying once you see it

Sun Jul 31 10:08:14 +0000 2022

Not overloading the OPT RR’s name looks like a missed opportunity

Sun Jul 31 10:43:49 +0000 2022

Need to name a thing, in miekg/dns unknown RRs are of type RFC3597. Think my best bet is to write an I-D, get to RFC and use that for my new thing

Sun Jul 31 15:36:51 +0000 2022

Not entirely unhappy

Getting RRs from the wire works, unknown RRs/OPT Option handling does too.
Next up, see how to build a Msg.

Sun Jul 31 16:39:22 +0000 2022

Replying to @miekg

Pondering doing a resolver + cache, ‘cause that seems to really shake ones’ API

Sun Jul 31 16:39:50 +0000 2022