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Fri Jan 31 09:17:00 +0000 2020

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it can work, but it still DNS so you’re at the mercy of clients. Also k8s networking is fubar, so in the current IPv4 NAT setup there will also be a difference between in-cluster addresses and outside. IPv6 can solve this neatly

Fri Jan 31 09:18:45 +0000 2020

RT @ByDonkeys: A message to Europe, this morning on the White Cliffs of Dover. Sound on.

Fri Jan 31 09:33:47 +0000 2020

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Can’t remember, bug is old

Fri Jan 31 15:01:57 +0000 2020

Ok, is essentially go-control-plane/pkg/test *but* uses xDS v3 \(cds/eds/ads\) , xdsctl, and CoreDNS’ traffic *also* use v3.

Fri Jan 31 21:26:56 +0000 2020