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yep :) That page 404s for me though

Thu Oct 31 06:50:22 +0000 2019

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Oh wait firefox hiding the download for me

Thu Oct 31 08:06:06 +0000 2019

RT @Truthma81128749: Massive crowds gathering on Trafalgar Square.

Atmosphere very tense.


Thu Oct 31 16:24:32 +0000 2019

No stupid SingleStats, I approve #spartana

Thu Oct 31 19:30:09 +0000 2019

Second non-me PR for #spartana, other one #PickingUpSteam

Thu Oct 31 20:41:45 +0000 2019

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Thu Oct 31 20:51:48 +0000 2019

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same happens on youtube. Here is video you might like, but also have watched before

Thu Oct 31 21:04:48 +0000 2019

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When you look at the dashboard... That’s not how things should work. You get an alert, THEN you look at your dash, and you see the history. Noone needs are wants SingleStats

Thu Oct 31 21:48:51 +0000 2019

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Fair enough, but the thing still doesn’t provide you with any history at all, and requires to auto-reload dashboards, another anti-feature

Thu Oct 31 21:59:42 +0000 2019

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AND you’re training folks to actually use/rely on this. If it doesn’t alert you shouldn’t care, or fix your alerting

Thu Oct 31 22:00:49 +0000 2019