Mmark Updates

May 9, 2016


Recent bug reports prompted some Mmark development (guess I am into bug-driven development). New releases can be found on Github. Anyway Mmark saw some bug fixes and new features:

A feature/pull request from blackfriday got merged, meaning that two different lists are not merged into one:

* A
* B

1. One
2. Two

Is now correctly seen as two different lists.

Further more a <br/> is converted to a <vspace/> in the XML output. This is especially useful when you want a vertical space after a definition term. See rfc/ for an example on how to use this.

And when including markdown files you can specify a from-to address to tell Mmark what to include. This is identical to how you can include code fragments.

And finally the were some bugfixes and code improvements and the syntax document saw some improvements.

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