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i.e. even as an auth-only server it will resolve these names?

Wed Mar 30 22:00:41 +0000 2016

more than a 100 stars on CoreDNS \o/ \(does full DNSSEC /w NSEC as of an hour ago\)

Wed Mar 30 22:07:14 +0000 2016

Last on the \(Go\) list, but I. Am. Trending.

Wed Mar 30 22:17:18 +0000 2016

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that’s indeed convenient, but weird. Looking at NSD; you need give it the IP addresses

Thu Mar 31 06:23:48 +0000 2016

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interesting, you need it to slave anything or just out of the box?

Thu Mar 31 06:25:08 +0000 2016

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with DNSSEC as well? Or just plain DNS or does it use TCP? How do you know/don’t know it resolved correctly?

Thu Mar 31 06:27:18 +0000 2016

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Thu Mar 31 06:32:38 +0000 2016

That’s how I like Victoria tube station: empty

Thu Mar 31 07:58:12 +0000 2016

Are there any easy to use DNS test suites? I.e. point at server, get test report. #askingForAFriend

Thu Mar 31 16:49:42 +0000 2016

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have any docs to pointers? Prolly still not point and test though?

Thu Mar 31 16:59:38 +0000 2016

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auth. only ATM. This looks very easy thanks. I’ll take a look

Thu Mar 31 18:39:55 +0000 2016

using a weird, but totally sensible domain name for wildcard testing wild\.dnssex\.nl\.

Thu Mar 31 19:17:24 +0000 2016

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ack. actually playing will prolly happen in the weekend

Thu Mar 31 19:23:44 +0000 2016

RT @secastro: GoDNS package by @miekg supports DNS over TLS says @bortzmeyer #OARC24

Thu Mar 31 19:29:29 +0000 2016

RT @cricketondns: Ha! Hilarious to think of someone packing that in a bag, waiting for an opportunity to strike!

Thu Mar 31 20:51:11 +0000 2016