I’m still “writing a Go Book” which boils down to playing with LaTeX, Go and Vim.

Building the whole document might be a bit tricky, because of all the packages you may need.

Assuming you already installed TexLive on your system, you will further need to apt-get install:

  • texlive-xetex
  • ttf-droid
  • latex-cjk-common
  • latex-cjk-japanese-wadalab
  • latex-cjk-xcjk
  • latex-xft-fonts
  • latex-fonts-recommended
  • ttf-sazanami-gothic
  • inkscape (for .svg to .pdf conversion)

Which should make it build. If not, please let me know.

Also, but completely unrelated

precise float placing

… they said it was impossible

Check out the float package. And it’s H placement modifier. I’m already loving it!