Fedora 11 vs Ubuntu 9.10

October 26, 2009


My small and very personal comparison between Fedora 11 (which I run on my laptop) and Ubuntu 9.10 which is my main Linux distribution.

  1. yum vs apt-get

    • yum is a lot slower than apt-get
    • why do I need connectivity when using yum search
    • Why does yum defaults to ‘N’ (no) when I ask it to install software?

All in all I like apt-get a lot better.

  1. Default resolution

    • Ubuntu 9.10 configured my EeeBox and monitor out of the box, Fedora 11 didn’t.
  2. Plymouth graphical boot

Very nice to see this in Fedora 11, I want this too for Ubuntu. Too bad Ubuntu does not use this in 9.10. It will happen in 10.04 (I heard).

  1. Laptop

    • My new EeePC laptop has a Poulsbo video chip (thanks Intel for screwing me!) which Fedora 11 supports wonderful thanks to AdamW.

    • Ubuntu 9.10 does not support this chip, period.

So I’m happily running Fedora on my laptop and Ubuntu on my other systems.