A short guide on how to build the new notification system, which is scheduled for Jaunty, for Intrepid.

First download the source packages from: http://packages.ubuntu.com/source/jaunty/notify-osd

You will need the .dsc and the .tar.gz files, then you need to follow the Debian way of building the package.

dpkg-source -x notify-osd_0.9ubuntu2.dsc
cd notify-osd-0.9ubuntu2/

One important tweak, otherwise it will not install in Intrepid and will complain about an human-icon-theme that is tool old

vi debian/control

And change to Depends: line of the package notify-osd to:

Depends: ${shlibs:Depends}, ${misc:Depends}, human-icon-theme (>= 0.30)

Build your package, you may need to install any packages that might be needed for the build:

dpkg-buildpackage -us -us -nc -rfakeroot

Wait a little and then you should see a notify-osd_0.9ubuntu2_i386.deb in the parent directory. This can then be installed with a simple dpkg -i notify-osd_0.9ubuntu2_i386.deb