EeePC Linux install

August 15, 2009


Just bought anothor EeePC, this time the 900HD variant. Installing Ubuntu as we speak and giving Windows the boot. The 4 minute encounter with Windows XP (which felt like 4 hours) gave me the impression of a fast machine. This was just a quick peek to see if the hardware was working.

Going with Ubuntu 9.04 - then removing Pulseadio and (maybe) upgrading the kernel to

The trick is to disable the hardisk in the BIOS and to disable all quick boot stuff in there too. So that my SD card with the Ubuntu install will boot.

Wireless does not work during the install, not a biggy, but I still plugged in a cable, just to have networking during the install. Gave the little fellow a name flo, partitioned the disks and of we go.

Brainless Ubuntu install follows

And we can reboot. This is now a worthy laptop for my wife.

Welcome Flo!