XFCE to Xmonad and back again

July 7, 2008


Well, after giving Xmonad a chance I’ve reverted back to XFCE. This time with a 1-pixel wide window decoration. Short story: I really like the tiling of Xmonad (or any other tiling window manager). But you do miss some flexibility if you really want to move a window. Also I needed a panel and system tray, which are available as third-party tools, but aren’t the real deal.

So back to XFCE.

But cntrl-enter starts a terminal, and I’m looking for a tool that will automatically “tile” all my X-terms in a single workspace; call it a lame-ass expose.

zsh prompt

I’ve further tweaked my prompt to remove any consonants from the hostname, thereby shortening it a bit more:

echo ${1//[aeuio]/}

is all the magic that is needed.