XFCE title less theme

August 9, 2008


After some switching I have now settled on XFCE. With Ubuntu XFCE sometimes does not start, this is a dbus issue in combination with gnome-screensaver (a race condition between the two). This sucks, but can be resolved easily with

apt-get remove gnome-screensaver

(There aren’t any interesting option anyway…)

So my XFCE is now up and running, time for some tweaking.

In the quest for precious vertical pixels (especially on the EeePC 701 I own) I decided I must remove those pesky title bars.

I found prelude-4.0 which is beautiful, but it make it kinda hard to see which window is active. That’s why I’ve modified it slightly to have a blue-ish border (at the left, bottom and right) when a window is active. Just enough to give you a subtle visual hint. You download my variation (which is called premiek for lack of a better name) from here.

Further more my gtk theme is Mist, a simple theme that is much quicker (i.e. takes less resources) than for instance Clearlooks.

Take a look at the following screenshots. Click on them for larger views.

Firefox with some gnome-terminals:

Mist theme, browser and gnome-terminal

Thunar with terminals and a gvim session:

Mist theme, browser and gnome-terminal