My favorite LaTeX preamble

August 2, 2008


I’ve written quite a few LaTeX documents during the last few years, but only recently I’m starting to discover very powerful new packages, like memoir and xelatex.

So I just wanted to share my “new” way of writing LaTeX docs.

First read the memoir class documentation. And the fontspec doc.


This now looks like

\usepackage{eurosym}    %% for the EURO
\usepackage{xltrxta}    %% \XeTeX if you need it

Usually this is hidden in one of my class files which implement a new look for a document. See the following articles for some examples


This is a small example on how to use XeTeX

Testing XeLaTeX!

\fontspec[Scale=0.9]{Trebuchet MS}
Something in trebuchet, but too large

\fontspec[Scale=MatchLowercase]{Trebuchet MS}
Size adjusted to the rest of the text!

\LaTeX rules

\LaTeX in the normal font

Generate the pdf with

xelatex example.tex

xelatex is my new friend now :)