blockbook.cls; a LaTeX class

November 1, 2007


LaTeX style

A few years ago I’ve created a LaTeX class which I particularly liked, but looking back on it, it was getting a bit old. So I recreated the style with the excellent memoir class for LaTex.

class file

The style consists out of a single class file, called blocksbook.cls.

Just put it somewhere, where TeX can find it (i.e. the current directory) and use it with: \documentclass{blocksbook} All options from memoir are supported in addition to:

  • draft - puts the word ‘draft’ in the header, also given to memoir
  • serif - use the ‘serif’ font
  • headbold - use bold font in the headings
  • bold - use bold font in itemize
  • bottomline - draw a \hrule under each page, excluding part and chapter pages.
  • titlepagenr - show a blocked page number on the title page.
  • Some spacing issues are fixed

Latest changes

  • Fix the title page - a blocked page number is optionally printed.
  • per default, don’t draw a \hrule (see option bottomline).
  • number subsection also.


even page picture

odd page picture